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Whoa, that was pretty weird. It made me giggle

Jive-ass turkey!

... What the hell did I just watch? XD
Well, it was entertaining. hah. As weird as it was overall, the animation and voice acting were excellent.
And now, I watch more naruto. woo

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Did... did I win? XD
Really great piece of work here. Had me literally laughing out loud at parts.
Everything went so well together, even though the whole product was a tad... odd. Hehe
Good job. =3

It's not too bad. It REALLY needs work, though.
Some points that could be improved upon:
The zombies' pathing AI is terrible. They seem to always take the shortest route, and when their numbers become high enough, this makes it impossible to avoid them, as they're literally all in a line.
Maybe make them decide every so often to veer in one direction or another, or something. The randomness would both make it more interesting (more "horde"-like), and allow the player to evade them more easily.

The overall impression of the environment is one of complete barren-ness. Throw in some generic junk to try to evade around, furniture, etc. Some hazards, for instance fire, would also make it a lot more interesting, especially if it could be used against the zombies. Hell, even some sprites on the walls would be a huge upgrade. It'd also help the player find the health/ammo, as the larger levels are easy to get lost in.

There are no zombie idle sounds/footfalls, which gets annoying when you're trying to kill one and another sneaks up on you. It's a huge drawback as they seem to come at random from those vents - you end up basically turning in a circle the entire time because there's no way to tell if one's behind/to the side of you.

The fog is a little too intense. That serves the atmosphere well, but perhaps make it a different color so as to make distant walls and zombies stand out better.

Even with perfect shooting and evading, it was hard to rack up enough points for even one ammo refill, and by the time I would've gotten it, I'd be overrun before I could spend the next clip. Rebalancing the points or the starting ammo would alleviate this a lot.

And lastly, please find some more sound effects and at least SOME music for it. XP

Whoa! This is really neat and fun already. I don't really have anything to complain about.
The overall gameplay is nice and relaxed, yet also has quite a bit of tension when you're balancing your resources. The impact of choices is really well done in this, and each scenario is also pretty amusing.
The graphics are pretty awesome, and the music, while not exactly ear candy, doesn't distract and is quite fitting with the overall style of the game.
Can't wait to see what the finished product will be like.

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Damn, I miss the shit out of you, man.
I mean, basically all your published work is right here in NG, but it was pretty neat when you were active, releasing lovely pieces like this. Really makes me sad to think you've permanently moved on from NG, or worse, composing in general. Seen nothing from you anywhere else, so I've got the feeling that you've gone the way of the dinosaur and ParagonX9, moving on with life and whatnot. Hopefully not as extinct as the dinosaur.
Regardless of whether you come back to releasing music or not, this is all coming from a huge fan inspired by your very work. I would never have gotten into music had it not been for this track and others of yours - this is how powerful they were to me.
So, cheers, man, where ever you are now, and where ever your path takes you. Peace and satori.

Gave me goosebumps! Hehe
This is a really well-composed and mastered work. You did an excellent job on the piano. A lot of piano I've come across isn't mastered so well; the timbre is butchered by poor compression and equalizing.
(my own attempts at piano generally end up mastered that way. XP)
But here, the instrument is done justice. No ringing, and every note sounds clear.
Not to mention how moving the composition is itself, nor how adeptly it was all put together.
Which brings me to ask: was the piano played by hand? It has that kind of quality to it.
It really is like something from a dream; almost ethereal.
My only problem is that the tone of the orchestral bits sounds a little too "bright", that is, they stand out a little too much for me. A softer timbre in those would probably have left me with no complaints.
That being said, it's not really a big deal. The whole piece is excellent, and I'd like to hear more!

WouterPiano responds:

Thanks for the comment! It's all played by hand;) Used FL Studio for the production..
Do you mean the orchestra at the second couplet or at the second chorus? I'm really trying to improve
every song;) So thanks again!

Here I am again, just coming from another one of yours. Lawl.
What a freaking great tune this is. Again, the mastering is pretty top-notch. It's all perfectly clear and seems to draw attention to where it was intended from one part to the next.
The intro suggests "yet another video game sound" but it quickly builds into an epic ride. The impact of the song is slightly dampened in the transition at around 1:20, but it makes up for it a little while later with that lovely composition. Also, I'm a sucker for well-done synth slides (dunno if that's what the synth itself just does, or if it's actually a note slide, but I hope that makes sense).
Midway does an excellent job of transition to that sweet bell-thing by itself, and then in the build back up to the epic main melody (but this time mixed up a bit), which carries to the end with its fairly sick bassline.
Another good one.

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Fuck yes, this is glorious.

Amazing piece, as usual.
You seem to have an excellent understanding of musculature/anatomy and every little detail and muscle looks like it belongs there. Everything looks so natural.
I love the piece, stylistically. Somehow manages to look rough and refined at the same time, pulling all the good aspects of both into the mix.
I also love the character as you've portrayed her. A tough, buff, no-nonsense street fighter, but still manages to ooze feminine charm and overall is very sexy. =P
Keep up the good work, missy!

She's beautiful! And so is this piece! Yet another good one from you. =3

This is my music page. I will upload my music and music-related things to it. I appreciate (constructive!) criticism, thank you. I believe music can change the world. It changed me, and I'm a stubborn ass.

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